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Christine Michel

Christine Michel

Responsible for the partner TECHNE

Christine, researcher in information and communication sciences and computer science, is co-responsible for WP 5 (needs assessment, user-centred design, tool evaluation) and also very involved in WP 3 (profile visualization, regulation and self-regulation of learning)

Victoria Prokofieva Nelson

Victoria Prokofieva Nelson

Victoria, PhD in Educational Sciences, has worked on the role of emotional processes in learning. A post-doctoral fellow in the COMPER project, she is involved in WP 3, designing activities to strengthen autonomy and motivation, and to support the regulation and self-regulation of learning.

Photo de Mélissa Pirard

Mélissa Pirard

Mélissa, PhD involved in WP5 , holds a master's degree in education from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium.

Photo de Laëtitia Pierrot

Laëtitia Pierrot

Laëtitia, researcher in information and communication sciences, has worked on the analysis of digital uses in school and non-school contexts (study of the appropriation of a serious game, setting up an observatory of university digital uses, analysis of teachers' digital practices, studies of juvenile digital practices). SheIt is involved in lot 5 to contribute to the evaluation of the tools developed within the project.