Kick-off day

nautibus building

Kick-off day of the COMPER project, friday, january the 18th, 2018, in Lyon, Campus de la Doua, building Nautibus, room C4.

Agenda of the day

  • 9h-9h15 : Welcome
  • 9h15 : Reminder of the project and its organization in WPs
  • 9h45 -> 12h : Presentation of the fields and prior knowledge of each partner
    • Educlever field : presentation of activities and referential
    • ASKER field
      • use in  Lyon 1, without referential, small demo
      • use by groupe Sésames : presentation of referential
    • Lab4CE field : presentation of activities (but no referential)
  • Lunch
  • 13h30 -> 17h30 : Start of work on WP 1 (referential)  to take advantage of the presence of everyone, including the teaching teams of the 3 fields
    • Presentation of the IRIT referential model (Competencies project)
    • Presentation of the Educlever model (continuation of the Carto project, referential model, profile calculation, adaptive learning)
    • Discussion on the methodology for designing the referential meta-model and first proposals