Productions WP 1

Modeling of the competency framework

WP head : IRIT (J. Broisin) et Educlever (L. Polèse)
Participants : this WP will mobilize the persons in charge of WPs 2 and 4, as well as the pedagogical teams of the 3 fields.
Objectives :
In addition to describing the mobilization of knowledge and skills describing a competency, this package also proposes a meta-model for the representation of competencies:

  1. able to express competencies at different levels of granularity,
  2. sufficiently generic to bring together the competencies induced by various disciplines and heterogeneous pedagogical activities such as those proposed by the 3 fields,
  3. offering the opportunity to group different competencies together in the same entity to form a competencies framework and thus be able to consider different frameworks.

This model must be able to be associated with the learner's cognitive profile to mean the manipulation of a skill by the learner at a given time and express his or her level of mastery, and with pedagogical activity models to match one or more skills to a given type of activity.

The meta-model represents a key element of the project environment since the design of the learner profiles in WP 2 and the visualizations proposed in WP 3, as well as the customization and adaptation mechanisms for learning designed in WP 4, are based on the competency frameworks built on the basis of this meta-model. Thus, all the scientific partners will participate in the development of this meta-model, while the teaching teams will express their needs (particularly in terms of the granularity of the skills they wish to describe) and will be responsible for validating the meta-model through the creation of the competency repositories specific to their field.


Auteurs : IRIT (J. Broisin, A. Bey), Educlever (L. Polese)